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Experts In Property Management

We understand the potential difficulty ​in managing your rental property and that's where we come in. We work to make sure you have nothing more to do than to count your rental income. Here are some of the ways we help deliver this to our clients:

  • We list, market and show your property to perspective tenants. 

  • We facilitate having the unit cleaned and repair anything in need of attention.

  • We collect your security deposit and signed forms as required by the RLTO Ordinance in Cook County. 

  • We prepare and have the lease agreement signed and help your Lessee with the move-in, Rules and Regs, etc...

  • We maintain a tenant portal where your Lessee can report repair issues and where they pay the rent that we collect for you. 

  • We send your rent payments directly into your bank account and send statements each month. 

  • We have a repair team that will repair anything from a clogged drain to a wall tear-out for mold remediation. 

  • We can facilitate a remodel from paint to tearing out and reinstalling flooring, cabinets, etc...

  • We are the point of contact for your tenant for all issues that may arise and our experts are problem solvers. 


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